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Better investment returns using a car?

Cars cost money, not make it! There are many ways to increase the return from your property investment. Some are common and easy to do like rental increases and home cooling. Some are harder and take more effort like renovations. However here is one strategy I bet you never thought of. Using a car to…
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A property that pays for your new car?

(This article forms part of our Cars and Property series) Sound too good to be true? Cars and Property. Two of the biggest purchases we usually ever make. Sure, one is much larger than the other, but property usually increases in value and cars, well, they do look cool and they have that new car…
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What does a mid cycle slowdown look like?

(This article was first emailed to Real Property Advice subscribers and clients in March 2019) MidCycle Slowdown is here! This year has seen the property market slaughtered in the media. For the last 3 months, every single day I get emailed or referred to the latest article about how bad the market is. This week…
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Master Planned Community v Infill Sites

What is a Master Planned Community (MPC)? Places like North Lakes in QLD, Willowdale in South West Sydney and Merrifield north of Melbourne are all Master Planned Communities. An MPC is designed from it’s inception to include most services and facilities needed in a residential community. These are major new housing developments set in the…
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Downsizes v First Home Buyers

Downsizes v First Home Buyers – Why the downsizes are winning hands down The age mix of the Australian population in our short 200 plus year history is changing; and it is changing permanently. In the early 1970’s, 31 per cent of the population were aged 15 years or younger. The proportion of Australia’s population…
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Royal Commission; Banks win, You lose

What have you done Royal Commission? We all jumped for joy when the government announced The Royal Commission into misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry. That’ll teach the big banks for ripping us off all these years! Who were the winners and who were the losers? The answer isn’t as simple as…
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Selling to a developer? Read this first!

“Why do people get greedy as soon as development is mentioned when selling their property?” You want to sell your house that sits on a lovely 6000m2 block of land?  It’s worth about $750,000.  BUT, the sales agent mentions, a developer might be interested and, suddenly, you are seeing $$$$ Dollar Signs on every door…
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2019 Australian Property Crash – The Truth

2019 has started with a Bang. Waking up, January the first, and it seemed like the whole week of the first week of January, all we got was negative news from the media.   Which is probably called for, and fair enough. So what I’ve done is, compiled a few of the news reports, that…
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Clocks, Cycles and Markets

Property Clock, Property Cycle, Market Trends – do they mean anything and if so, how do we make sense of them? These are questions I get asked on a weekly basis. It seems the topic of market cycles and property clocks is top of the list in the minds of property investors looking for a…
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