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Has Toowoomba Property Peaked?

Is now the right time to buy in Toowoomba? QLD’s flower capital has been the highlight of recent media reports and also has some massive infrastructure spend happening, but does this mean that it is over cooked and time to look elsewhere or get out? We were working the Toowoomba market again in 2012 when…
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2015 Property Market Snapshot

The New Year has started with a bang for the Australian property market. Some of this noise is good and some not so good. Mining towns are off the boil and capital cities are heating up. Melbourne and Sydney have been on the run for some time and Brisbane is playing catch up. So what…
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What about Due Diligence

When making offers and structuring a purchase contract it is important to look at all the clauses involved. Most buyers focus on the finance and inspection clauses as these are the ones they usually have in their mind to dictate their terms to the sellers agent. While both these clauses are generally written into most…
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