Karin Nielsen

Karin is a passionate property investor who owns multiple investment properties. She has spent many years researching pro
perty, law and literature in her previous job roles with McCullough Robertson Lawyers and QLD Libraries. Karin’s focus at Real Property Advice is research. Not just properties, but regions, suburbs, social trends, industries, infrastructure and demographics.

All these things need to come together for a client to form a strong and stable property investment plan.

Karin is an avid investor and regularly completes her own renovations, either flipping the property or holding for income. She brings a great wealth of experience in these areas and combined with her up to date knowledge of trends and opportunities from her research, means that clients really benefit from the combined knowledge base within Real Property Advice.

Karin also is part of a property mentoring group, and shares her knowledge and experiences with many people. Her first hand stories and matter of fact approach to investing makes her a hit with members of the group and especially other women. Her success as an independent investor is a great example for other women to follow.

Karin is a valued member of our team and when she is not performing research, she will be driving clients around or conferencing with them about emerging areas and market trends.

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