Why Property Advice

Real Property Advice are ‘Fee for Service’ Property Advisers. We always have been and always will be.

Financial planners are currently in the midst of re-engineering their business due to the implementation of Fee for Advice. Government thought it important enough to make sure financial planners advise this way, so we think we are on the right track too.

Real Property Advice is already Fee for Advice and has never charged commissions. If you want real representation and real comfort, you need to use Real Property Advice.

Look at our Difference

Client pays a fee for the correct information / service / product that relates to them and their needs

Client get ‘sold’ what the sales person wants to sell you so he/she can earn the most money

The only way to get the right information for you and your needs; is to have someone represent you. Real Property Advice does not earn commission from developers or builders, so we are fully independent, impartial and focused on your outcomes.
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