Embrace the Bubble

You sit down.

The overhead brace slides across and presses on your chest.

Locked in place and nowhere to go, the countdown begins.

The carriage you are sitting in smells a bit musty and is making funny noises but its ok, this is all normal you are told.

Looking around, every other seat is taken; and all people are sitting the same way, grasping the brace pressing on them, looking towards the track ahead.

Roller coasters.

Fun for some, horrible for others.

Why do we ride them, the thrill, the fear, the feeling of being out of control?
Whatever the reason, the process is the same. Line up, get on board, buckle up and go.
Once seated and moving, you have no control whatsoever. Like it or not, you are along for the ride.

Maybe that is what people find most intoxicating?

The same thing is happening right now, in financial and property markets. People are simply along for the ride, well the ones that have chosen to participate, that is.

This week had me resume my seat at the helm of Xenium.Live shows. Our first show back (Tuesday) introduced Xenium Partners and the second show (Thursday) saw PJ Patterson return with his wisdom on markets and finance.

Thursday’s show was called Embrace the Bubble, with the topic being specifically chosen to discuss the current economic climate.
There is a bubble, it is happening, do you want to profit from it, or wait for….. whatever it is you are waiting for?

There are different bubbles.

Also different reasons for them being created or happening, and just like a roller coaster, they go up and come back down.

It is interesting to note that any run ‘up’ of prices can be referred to as a bubble, even if it is simply an upward retraction to a previous position.
In layman’s terms, after a drop, the prices go back up to where they were before.

That is where we are right now in financial markets (but new highs are being made), and not where we are in property markets.

Property markets didn’t have the drop that financial markets had during the Corona Event. However they are on a run upwards now, in most cases surpassing their pre-corona highs and making new ones every month.

In last weeks scribbles I showed you how the average house was working 4.5 times harder than the average person, when it comes to saving money.

That is the part of the ‘bubble’ that you do not want to miss out on;
Unearned income gains through economic rent capturing real assets.

Plain speak – in this type of market, you need to own a piece of dirt (or other real assets).

The markets are moving, without a doubt.
Property is doing crazy things in many areas.
Car sales are on track for a potential record year.
Spending is up, and so is sentiment; the future is bright.

The roller coaster is almost filled, the brakes are about to be released and the wheels are in motion. Are you choosing to be part of this ride, or will you wait for the next one?

The ride is departing, are you on it?

Embrace the bubble!

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