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Top tips I have learnt as a Buyers Agent

Since 2004 I have been buying property for other people as a job. This job is called a buyer’s agent. Over this time, I have seen some key things that many buyers do to put themselves at a disadvantage when buying a property. A good buyer’s agent will alleviate these problems, but as a buyer…
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The RBA has been Crystal Balling!

The reserve bank just told you what is going to happen for at least the next 3 years. On the 15th of October this year, Reserve Bank of Australia Governor, Philip Lowe, delivered a speech. The is not particularly unusual for him to do, but the content of this speech was unlike anything I had…
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Do rising rents mean rising house prices?

Last week I talked about how investors will accept a lower yield. You can read last week’s article here and should do so before reading this one. Today I wanted to discuss how house prices will increase because rentals yields are increasing. What I am saying is that we are seeing rent prices go up,…
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Why investors will accept a lower return

I was asked this week “when will investors come back into the market”? The facts Investors buy property for one reason; they want to make money. Either capital growth or cashflow, no one does it for love or charity. It is then fair to assume that investors will not be in a market where it…
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2019 Property Investor Sentiment Survey Results PIPA

Each year, PIPA conducts a survey on the sentiment of property investors and the property market perception for the year ahead. If you would like to download the report Click Here. Key points: 1200 people surveyed Most comprehensive snapshot in Australia People more ‘positive’ than same time last year Two largest concerns were access to…
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You want to be a landlord?

Being a Landlord is great Investment property; where a tenant pays the mortgage as the property goes up in value. What a great way to make money!!! We all know that one investment property owner with long term tenants who look after the property, maintain it like their own home and do the gardens and…
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Negotiation Tips Series – Introduction

Our top ten tips on negotiation series begins here. This video discusses some strategies when negotiating through a sellers agent and how to choose the best buyers agent for your negotiation. If you are buying, selling or investing in property, you always need to know how to negotiate. In fact we all negotiate almost everyday…
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Stress Free Property Selling?

  Real Property Advice have developed a way to help you sell your home, faster for more money and with less stress than ever! Take a look at our short video, and contact us for a complimentary Stress Free Property Selling strategy session.  
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