Stress Free Property Selling

Selling your Property?

As property prices and personal situations change, it becomes more difficult for sellers to know exactly

• What their property is worth
• How to choose the best agent
• What method of sale to use, and
• How much should be spent on advertising

Unfortunately bad advice is often given by real estate agents to win your business. By using Real Property Advice to assist you in the sale of your property, the sales agent is accountable to us throughout the whole process. We require them to keep us fully informed with every detail, ensuring the campaign is open and transparent and giving you peace of mind.
Whether it is selling your family home or an investment property, we are here to manage the process on your behalf and provide you with honest, independent, expert advice from the day you decide to sell your property, up until the day of settlement. Best of all, we are paid a fee from the successful selling agent, which comes out of the commission they earn from the sale of the property.

Here is how it works:

1) We review the property that you wish to sell and the situation that surrounds the sale
2) We perform a comparative market analysis and provide you with a possible market price range
3) We interview and screen agents and provide you with a short list of up to three agents that are best suited to your property and situation
4) You decide which agent to engage
5) The engaged agent performs all services and marketing for the property
6) The engaged agent provides us with weekly reports and regular updates
7) We discuss with you, suggestions and feedback from the agent, and make amendments to the marketing of the property as needed and approved by you
8) We manage the communication during the sale process and monitor the performance of the agent
9) If the agent is not performing or does not meet key performance requirements as set by us, they are removed from the process and a new agent is engaged
10) Upon successful sale, we charge the sales agent for our service

Real Property Advice will be with you every step of the way during the marketing and advertising process, making sure the agent acts in an honest, ethical and professional manner. We will walk you through all offers, and assist you with the negotiations and decision making processes.
Call us today to discuss options for your Property Divestment. We look forward to assisting you achieve the best outcome.
Please note, we never represent a buyer and a seller in the same transaction.