Scott Northcott

Real Property Advice was created to fill a massive gap in the property advice arena.

This gap is the huge jump from Financial Planners, and the limits their advice has in relation to property, and the local real estate agent who wants to sell you the listing they make the most money on.We fill this ‘advice black hole’ with strategic research, independent valuations, access to key property professionals and pure representation of our client at all times.As well as this, we are fully fee for service, and have been since 2004!

My passion is to change the Property Advice industry; to see it formalised, structured and ethical, not commission based, haphazard and shady. Real Property Advice leads the way in Fee for Service, scalable, Property Advice.

About Scott Northcott

Born and bred in Australia, Scott Northcott has carved his career in the real estate, property and financial services sector. Being a skilled and hard negotiator has seen Scott involved in hundreds of high value transactions. From corporate contracts, development acquisitions and right down to individual property, Scott has become the hired gun for negotiations involving transactions of great value or importance.

Scott made the transition to international property markets in 2004 through analysis of the US markets, globally sourcing cashflow options for Australian investors.

The monitoring of rental yields and forecasting of real asset value changes, meant that by early 2006, he’d successfully facilitated the exit of all US based properties for his clients.

Scott then consolidated his focus on strategic advisory services for the property and finance sectors bringing a much-needed resource to the Australian property market via his company Real Property Advice (

He furthered his research of Real Estate Land Cycles and began utilizing his new-found knowledge by forecasting macro property cycles and opportunities. His ability to interpret data on land value cycles and translate into simple, usable knowledge, has seen his work be in demand from those who rely on accurate and logical commentary.

In 2015, he expanded the service offering to include property development. This sees Scott currently conducting property development in excess of $20,000,000 and managing a further $30,000,000 via his project management firm.

Scott has qualifications in real estate, financial planning and mortgage broking, is an active property investor, has a love of learning and helping others make wise, educated decisions.

He was recently honoured with admission into the highest level of accreditation for a property professional in Australia, Qualified Property Investment Advisor (QPIA).

What is more impressive is that he is one of a very small number of people to have these postnominals (QPIA) awarded to him from his experience and contribution to the property investment industry and not via the traditional study methods.

In 2017 after watching millions of people lose money in crypto currency, Scott formed a specialised think-tank to design the world’s most stable digital currency. This association led to the creation of ‘Stabillium’ which is currently under development and testing with an anticipated launch in 2019.

Scott resides at his hobby farm on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, with his wife and 4 children.

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