The Next 4 Years…

Newspapers, online articles and talk back shows, are all promoting the same thing, inflation and interest rates.

Guess what I am NOT talking about:
Inflation and Interest rates.

Well, not directly if I can help it!

You really just want to know what is happening next, right?

Being that it’s Saturday morning and we probably have lots of things to do, I will keep it brief today. However, I will break down each point over the coming weeks in more detail as to why I think the way I do.

Here is my (condensed) take on the next 48 months, with another 72 months thrown in for a bonus!

2022 – RBA aggressive on interest rate increases to fight inflation (doh, both in one sentence!)
2022 – Media continues talking about how everything is so expensive, but us normal humans already know that. Stop stating the obvious with 12-month-old data.
2023 – APRA rule changes come into effect.
2023 – RBA sees the result of overcooking interest rates and begins to lower them.
2023 – Property market moves upward powered by Owner Occs and interest only loans.
2024 – Emotional buying is rife, market is unstoppable.
2025 – Peak market.
2026 – Sentiment is / has changed, things don’t look good.
2026 – Full market crash(ing).
2027 – Carnage. Everywhere.
2028 – Sad times (if your identity is attached to money) Great times (if you are cashed up and ready to buy for 50c on the dollar)
2029 – Wiping away of dirty and distressed stock.
2030 – Suddenly, rentals are hard to find and rents start increasing. No stock around to rent or buy.
2031 – Under-supply of property, Bob the builder is back in town…
2032 – New market cycle in full swing.

Lots of big claims in there. These dates, while not set in stone, form the basis for my property plans for the future.

Yes I am saying the next crash is not now but a few years away.
I am saying that you will have the opportunity, if cashed up, to have great buys in the medium term future.

I am also saying there is opportunity now too.

You need to have a plan and be able to measure against it.
If you don’t have a plan, we can help, contact us here for that.

Keep an eye out for next edition breaking down some of the points above.

Before all those lovely people crawl out from their hole, jump online into comments and chats, telling everyone I am spruiking the market.

Yes that is correct. I benefit from spruiking the market in your local area for a property transaction I have no idea about taking place….
That is how good I am.

Get Real
Our business has a range of services that help people, buy, sell, manage and develop in the property space.

Am I biased?
Yes, I think we are awesome.

Can I spruik a market for my personal benefit?
No, not a chance.

Although I do appreciate your belief in my abilities, LOL!

On a different note, Real Property Advice has had large expansion in the past 6 months and as a consequence, the skills and experience we have access to has also grown substantially.

When time permits, I will introduce some of our crew, a bit about their background and what their experience means for your experience with us.

Final Words..
In case you missed a few of the key videos over the past weeks, don’t forget to jump on to the YouTube page and see what has been happening.

If you want to secure your financial future using property, then contact us here  or call now on 1300 66 77 89.

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Scotty has been instrumental in bridging the gap between financial planning and traditional real estate transactions through his property advice model.

Scotty North is a Qualified Property Investment Advisor (QPIA), with accreditation’s in financial planning, mortgage broking and real estate.

By carefully considering his clients’ goals and planning for market changes via demographics and trends, Scotty designs a future proof outcome not only specific to the client’s needs but dynamic in its execution with performance indicators and exit strategies built in.