The Future of Property Content

Almost exactly 12 months ago I uploaded this photo to my social pages about the installation of fiber NBN into the office/studio.

Little did I know this would have a very large flow on effect.
During install and related computer upgrade, one of the techs asked what I would like to do with a certain piece of equipment. My answer was, I have no idea, what can we do?
He says:

“With fast internet, you can do anything you want to…

Winding further back in time, to early 2019. I was tripping around with the team doing live events and seminars about property and the cycles, investments and good/bad choices. My goal was to educate and get info to our clients and others.
That was Version 1…

By the middle of 2019, I had stopped traveling around and tried my hand at webinaring.

But webinars weren’t for me.

I wanted our information available to as many people as possible with none of the hindrances that webinars created.
Version 2 still was not good enough…

I then switched to live streaming, well before it became ‘cool’ during corona.
In the first live stream, I sat in a spare room in my house, with no background and very poor lighting.

This was Version 3.

After a few of those tragedies, I moved to a larger space, still with average (but better) lighting, and a whiteboard behind me for a backdrop, with a better webcam.

Looking back now it was crazy stuff. Even at Version 4, it was so dodgy!

But our clients loved it and the info I was pumping out. That encouraged me to power on.
Just before corona we went to Version 5, a book case behind me, filled with actual books. I liked the look and being real, no fake CGI was needed!

Version 6 integrated a tv into the bookcase. This allowed me to have things showing behind me on the screen as well as displaying more info like charts and news articles on full screen for viewers to consume more info.

This carried me all the way through corona and beyond. Lots of shows and content was broadcast from in front of that bookcase.

But all good things must come to an end, and that leads me back to NBN.

Once fiber NBN was connected to our (now) studio, I could see what we had been missing and what options we now had.

I thought long and hard about what I was doing and feedback from our clients. The decision was made to completely rebuild the studio from ground up.

The only part left was one side wall, the rest was totally changed.
The whole structure was soundproofed, and floors raised to protect equipment from extreme water that happens in Queensland.

The layout was rotated 90 degrees to give more room and a new meeting/prep room built. Air conditioning upgraded, solid doors for sound and all new fixtures and fittings.

A total rebuild; Built Back Better, as they say…

During this time, we purchased all new equipment. Moving from a high-definition webcam that I had broadcast almost all other shows via, we now have 3 cameras, new studio lighting, mixing desks, wireless mics and in ear monitors.

I now have a proper (totally amateur) studio!

What has this got to do with you?
It is because of you and other clients that have spurred me along the way, encouraging me to make our presentation better and better.

My commitment to you, is to regularly  providing high quality, accurate and unbiased content, with a focus on being real.

I have seen the need, reviewed your feedback and put my dollars where your mouth is.
It is my hope that as we have gotten better producing content, the experience you have watching it, also increases.

To say I am excited for this year and our content plans, would be a modest description.
I think we have the best facility of any property business in Australia, with the most content planned, without exception.

We have been the most real, now we will also be the best.

The proof will be in the pudding.
Will you eat it up?

Final Words..
Our first recording was done this week in the new studio. I was interviewed by a financial industry marketing company and it was great. (see above photo)

Much more content will be delivered to you soon, including some new shows at new times.

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Since 2004, Scotty North has been helping people buy the best properties for their needs at prices that simply speak for themselves.
Scotty has been instrumental in bridging the gap between financial planning and traditional real estate transactions through his property advice model.

Scotty North is a Qualified Property Investment Advisor (QPIA), with accreditation’s in financial planning, mortgage broking and real estate.

By carefully considering his clients’ goals and planning for market changes via demographics and trends, Scotty designs a future proof outcome not only specific to the client’s needs but dynamic in its execution with performance indicators and exit strategies built in.