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Discover the most Powerful Property Investing System for helping you SUPERCHARGE your WEALTH!

Introducing Xenium, the only Property Investing System within Australia to use the macro and micro property cycles to transact smarter, more efficiently and counter cyclically.

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Scott Northcott from Real Property Advice has created a FREE TO JOIN Property System that allows you to “CASH IN” on Property Cycles.

After 15 years of real estate research and transacting in property markets since 2004, Xenium was created to strategically use the macro and micro property cycles and transact smarter, more efficiently and counter cyclically.

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When you join Xenium, you become part of a group of like minded people, who transact smarter, and avoid making the mistakes of following mainstream current trends.

You will have access to Property Investing and Property Development specialists who will present the best, highest and lowest risk Property Deals from around the country.

This is a “Done-For-You” Property Investment and Property Development System that is based 100% on Property Cycles.

How does Xenium Partnerships work?


Every Xenium Partner gets their own company branded Xenium Client Registration Page.

This means that your clients see your BRAND, your COLORS and your LOGO when they apply to join Xenium (which is FREE for your clients)

Our Xenium System uses our ‘3 squared’ doctrine. This means we focus on 3 foundational ‘property pillars’ to stabilize your portfolio, and then 3 metrics from which to measure each opportunity.


  1. Discounted Buying
  2. Positive cash flow and construction
  3. Development


  1. Cycle
  2. Market
  3. Action

Xenium by RPA is a property buying and transactional group unlike anything you may have seen. By using our Xenium Action Compass, decisions are made on market activities using market cycles. The Compass also allows participants to make decisions before the general market movements.

Xenium harnesses the power of a group of like minded individuals to actively transact in property in markets across Australia and in (almost) any economic cycle.

Sound too good to be true?

We bring you deals each month that fit within specific criteria driven by our research of the property cycles. These opportunities can be from anywhere in Australia, it does not matter where, it just matters that they work and they meet our criteria.

Yes we do all the work for you. We only look at deals that fit the current market cycle and where you can profit.

  • When a market is going down, we negotiate on group buying to save $1000’s or even $100,000’s from first list price. Think Sydney in 2019…
  • When a market hits bottom and people are scared, a home shortage takes place. We enter and provide much needed property and provide you with cashflow options to ride the wave as the cycle changes.
  • When a market is buoyant and in hot demand, we partner with developers to take advantage of the construction frenzy at the time.

How do we know what to do in each market?

Well that is a good question and one our our team members will be happy to tell you about that on a short phone call.

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