Its not personal just business

Its not personal, just business.

Ever been on the receiving end of that line?
Or maybe you have been the one delivering it, lol.

Used in situations where it might not be comfortable or nice it simply makes the deliverer feel better, no one else.

What does it really mean?
How do you not take things personally and what makes it just business?

I was in a “not personal, just business” situation this month and had the opportunity to be the deliverer.
Thing is, I hate this saying, and I even mentioned that in the uneasy conversation I was having.

I could have just shrugged off this situation by saying, “just business” but here is the problem for me, business is personal.

If it isn’t, then what am I doing?
Be it a client, partner, advisor, team member or contractor, I am always focused on the relationship and by doing so, things become personal.

Not in a wishy washy can’t-do-anything-in-case-I-upset way, but in a manner that acknowledges that people are involved in this transaction, and it is not just numbers.

Without people, what is the point?
This conversation I had to have, was difficult due to the fact I had built a relationship with the person, and they had done nothing wrong. Rather, we had evolved as a company and needed different/greater services than they could provide.
It was a business decision; not made any easier cause I liked the person.

My two options were
1)     Stick with them due to relationship
2)     Move on because it is best for the business

Business decision, or personal decision?
I wrote them a letter outlining our need to move on, and all the good parts of dealing with them over the years. I also thanked them for some situations that came to mind where they helped.
And finally, I invited them to call me as soon as they had got the letter for a chat, which they did.

Was it an easy conversation? No.
Was it unemotional? No.
Was it necessary? Yes.
Did we leave on good terms? Yes.

It is always my aim to never burn bridges and focus on the fact that people are the ones at the end of the paperwork.

Good story, what has this got to do with Property?
In the cutthroat, dog-eat-dog world of real estate, you will do well to remember that people are on the end of the paperwork.

The person buying your home, the seller of the investment property, the stressed-out broker, the cocky agent (yes even (most) agents are people), the overworked inspector and underpaid valuer, are all people.

What can you do, what can you say, what can you offer, to appeal to the person, the human, to cater to them and create more than just a numbers event.
This is not a call to be a push over, but rather not be a pig headed arrogant hard nosed stick in the mud.

Case in point, we are selling a whole development site present, and it has taken 6 months so far (its a tricky thing). We are still not there yet, but I have a direct line to the buyer.

We chat minimum of once per fortnight and while I think we will get it done, if we do, it will only be due to the direct communication.
If we don’t, then at least we tried all we could.

The buyer has said on multiple occasions, that he has never dealt with a team like ours, and an already stressful situation is not compounded by lack of communication, consideration or just letters via solicitors.

Yes we want to the get the site sold, and yes it is taking way longer than what I wanted, but more than anything, I want a successful outcome for our clients.

That involves me considering all parties involved and what makes them tic, what makes them human, and integrating that into the negotiation for a win-win.

Yes its business but its also just personal.

Final Words..
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