Property Required

Residential * Commercial Devevopment * Residential Development

  1. New Duplex Build
    Need Land, with approval to build a Duplex.
    $70,000-100,000 uplift in profit upon completion
  2. Commercial Property
    Vacant land – ability to build sheds for resale, size approx. 150m2 each shed  Price around $1M – $1.5million max
  3. Small Land Subdivision,
    Land wanted WITH a DA to subdivide.
    Price under $1,500,000

No fixed locations, however we are not interested in the following areas:
Logan, Ipswich region, Caboolture.

Example keep house + 6 new blocks of land
Provide property address Buderim
Property Zoning eg. Low Density (min 600m2)
Basic Feasibility Purchase price $1,280,000.00
Costs – development costs @ $28,000 per lot (x6) $168,000
Costs – new land subdivision @ $120,000 per lot (x6) $720,000.00
TOTAL COSTS $2,168,000.00
Sales – what will each block of land sell for ($450,000) $2,700,000.00
(what does existing house sell for – if keeping) $700,000
Costs – MINUS selling fees (future land sales x 2.5%) $85,000.00
TOTAL SALES $3,315,000.00
PROFIT $1,147,000.00
If above 20% continue on negotiating on property 35%

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