Portfolio Management and Asset Monitoring

Real Property Advice offers a unique service called, Asset Monitoring and Portfolio Management (AMPM).

This service for property investors, gives your large or small property portfolio, the edge you need to succeed.

This service IS NOT a property management service, but rather takes an overall ‘Investment Viewpoint’ not a tenant management viewpoint. We do not replace your property manager.

Our AMPM service monitors the performance of your properties with our portfolio monitoring software. After a property is entered into our system, we actively track its performance, focusing on key indicators like rental figures, down times, costs, and total debts; and we cross check that with location performance data and recent sales figures.

Each quarter we review the property manager’s report and update our software with new information.  We will be able to tell you if the property is providing you the needed returns as per your property investment plan, and as compared to other properties in the same area. We will also be making comments about the property manager’s recommendations.

Each year we compile a report based on our findings and make suggestions of how to increase the rental return and/or the value of the property. We also check on the performance of the rental manager, review photographs of the property for our records to show the annual condition changes and perform a comparative market analysis of the property.

We then review property’s performance against your investment plan giving you total comfort knowing what your asset is doing and how it is performing. If the property is found to not be performing in the way you need or intended, we can work with you to either change the property’s performance and return, or reposition you in the market. This service is a dream come true for investors and our clients love it.

If you think this service is expensive, it isn’t.

Contact us for more information and to find out how this will benefit you and your portfolio, whether you own one property or twenty.

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