Target Rate:
15% Per Annum
Over 24 Months

Earn up to half of the developer's profit with Joint Venture Property Development Opportunities in Australia.

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Joint Venture | Made Simple.

Partner with our experienced development team at Real Property Advice for a seamless joint venture experience that offers unparalleled advantages.

"Open and transparent. Every time I make a phone call, I get an answer straight away."

"The presentation, transparency, Excel spreadsheets, the costings - you can ask any question and get a simple layman's or technical answer."

"The whole process was very smooth, very seamless, very well communicated and updated."

"These guys know what they're talking about. The fact that they do D.D. with full transparency and authenticity - I really love that."

Past JV Partnership Opportunities


  • Yarrabilba


  • Lisarow


Location: Beresfield, NSW

Status: Completed

Investment Term: 22 months

Net Return: 38%

Diversify your portfolio with sophisticated commercial development opportunities.

Scotty North |

Executive Director

Qualified Property Investment Advisor & Founder of Real Property Advice

Scotty North has qualifications in real estate, financial planning and mortgage broking, including a Cert IV in Finance Broking and Diploma of Property, LRA. He is also an active property investor who spends time helping others make wise, educated investment decisions.

He was recently honoured with admission into the highest level of accreditation for a property professional in Australia, Qualified Property Investment Advisor (QPIA).  

Property Development Advisory Team

Sio smiling in suit


Sio is our head advisor for the project as well as an experienced Joint Venture partner with a background in sales, marketing, and Civil Engineering Design. As an advisor, Sio’s ability to maintain and nurture relationships is vital in ensuring all partners are kept well up to date and informed in every step of the process. 

Jason Walvin

Jason offers nearly 30 years of experience in business management and accounting, bringing a unique blend of expertise to the property industry. His strong financial acumen, attention to detail, and genuine passion for property make him the ideal partner for sound advice and support in JV Partnerships.

Headshot of bearded Michael Daly in suit


Michael Daley started his career in 2001 managing a mixed portfolio of Brisbane and regional assets across Queensland. His expertise ranges from Retail, Office and Industrial and with over 20 years of experience in looking after everything from $250,000 strata sheds to $100million dollar office towers.

Partner with a development team that handles every detail.

5 Simple Steps to Become a JV Partner

1. Submit a Registration of Interest Form

Express your interest in our investment opportunities by completing the Registration of Interest form available on each offer's Information Memorandum. This form helps us understand your financial position and proceed with your application.

2. Form Review

Our dedicated team will carefully review your Registration of Interest and determine the investment products that align with your eligibility.

3. Consultation with Our Experts

A qualified consultant will be assigned to your Registration of Interest form. They will engage in a personalised discussion with you, providing insights into our offerings and assisting you in selecting the investment opportunity that best suits your goals.

4. Investor Agreement

Should you decide to proceed with an investment opportunity, our team will prepare an Investment Agreement customised with the information you provided in the Registration of Interest form. Additionally, you will be required to designate a bank account for receiving your returns.

5. Fund Transfer

Once your funds are received by NorthRock Investments (typically within 2-3 business days within Australia), your investment term commences. For security purposes, we recommend electronic bank transfers. Detailed instructions for transferring funds are provided in your Investor Agreement form.

JV Development Opportunities to Expand Your Portfolio

Maximise Your Returns

Experience high-performance commercial property with the security of an experienced team. Enjoy the portfolio benefits of industrial developments including strong build times and high demand for final built product.

Act With Confidence

Every property transaction has risks and development is no different. Enjoy a highly experienced team with structures and strategies that give you the confidence to take action. 

Enjoy Full Transparency

Receive clear lines of communication throughout the duration of the project. Our comprehensive partner portal and monthly meetings ensure you're informed about the progress of your investments.

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  • Comparable Market Analysis
  • Contracts
  • Project Plans
  • Certificates & Registrations
  • Expected Project Returns
  • Plus more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I Buying a Property?

No, you are not buying a property, you are buying a unit in a unit trust. If you want to own a direct property out of one of our projects, that's a separate transaction, and you can talk to us directly about purchasing a property.

How Do You Choose Your Builder?

Vetting the supplies and contractors is of utmost importance to us and we take it very seriously.

As such, we take great care in choosing our contractors and suppliers for all of our jobs. This can be people who we've used before and have a relationship with. Or, if they're new to us, we go through a series of due diligence on that person or company.

We are look into their background, trade history, and the current offering of projects they have underway for each supplier and or contractor.

Can I Use My SMSF to Invest?

We are not accredited to advise you on whether you can or can't use your self managed super fund to invest in our opportunities.

However, we have plenty of clients who do use their super funds to invest in our offerings.

This is going to be based on a couple of things, and these are the things that you need to talk to your accountant and financial advisor about. For example, how the trustee is structured and whether the SMSF and yourself meet the sophisticated and wholesale investor criteria.

What if the Project Runs Over Time?

Property is illiquid when compared to shares or cash.

As such, the project synopsis outlines an anticipated time for that you need to be comfortable with when you joint venture in a project.

The option to remove your capital before that time is not there.

The capital is realised at the end of a project or a timeframe as outlined in the information.

How are the Joint Ventures Structured?

We use a traditional unit trust arrangement for our partners.

This means that you own a unit in a unit trust, not directly a piece of the property involved in the development or the investment itself.

How Do I Receive Updates on the Project?

Our team prides itself on the amount of communication and transparency we have for our partners and our projects.

As such, we have a private secure portal that you have access to when you become a partner with us.

In that portal, you have access to all documentation that you have signed or given us, for your reference and for your keeping.

In that same portal, you'll be provided with regular project updates, which come in the form of written documentation as well as video.

Can You Pay Out Monthly Returns?

For this opportunity, the returns are based and realised at the end of the project.

Other projects can have returns paid along the way. But each project has its returns outlined in the applicable project synopsis.

Are There Any Guarantees?

People can not guarantee what they don’t control. If you find a guaranteed return, it is not worth anything. The things you need to be looking for are the team and the experience they bring.

We guarantee that we are truthful, communicate well and often, are transparent and have large depths of experience in our team.

All property activities, from buying your own home, an investment property, construction, renovation or development have risks and the possibility of losing capital.