Project Overview

  • JV structure: Unit Trust 50/50 Profit Share
  • Equity: $6m
  • Equity Timeframe: 18 Months approx.
  • JV Return On Cash: 33% - 37% est.
  • Security: 1st & 2nd Mortgage
est. 33%
          RETURN             PROFIT SHARE 

An equity return of up to 25.4% p.a. is forecast including a $429,000 contingency sum. This translates to an est. 33% total return on equity for the anticipated investment horizon of 18 months.


Project Overview

Hillcrest is situated approximately 21 kilometres by road directly south of the Brisbane CBD. The broader contiguous area is home to some of Australia's largest national and international companies including Kennards Self Storage and Coles’ distribution centre. It also hosts a significant number of motor vehicle dealerships including Toyota, Kia, Hyundai, Mitsubishi and Nissan.


Project Plans

The proposed development comprises four buildings of 923, 882, 854 and 574 square metres respectively totalling 38 work stores of sizes ranging between 75 and 163 square metres, (plus mezzanine storage of 38m2 each).


Project Documentation

To clarify the entities and their functions please see the below;

Florenfin Pty Ltd – ACN 653590464 as trustee for the Frankfab Unit Trust is the developer entity used for the purchase of the land. (see Final Contact Execution attached which is the land contract).

Finhill Pty Ltd - ACN 664492620 as trustee for the 17MRH Unit Trust is the Joint Venture Partner entity in which you will own units at $1 per unit. (see DCY18 Trust Deed attached).

Finhill / 17MRH Unit trust (Joint Venture Partner entity) also operates the bank account into which joint venture partners transfer funds. Under the Loan Agreement ‘Finhill Pty Ltd as trustee for the 17MRH Unit Trust’ is funding ‘Florenfin Pty Ltd as trustee for the Frankfab Trust’ (developer entity) for the purchase of the land including but not limited to; deposits, legal fees, accounting costs, civil works, planning and project management.



Construction is scheduled to comprise 12 months of the 18-month investment horizon during which the developed product will be sold down. Sales revenue is split between smaller units comprising a projected 63% of gross realisable revenue (GRV), one showroom expected to generate 5% of GRV, the large 163 square metre unit generating some 4% or GRV and the various mezzanine floors generating 26% of GRV.



Andrew Greste - Cotton Farmer

Client for over a decade.

Mitesh Dedhia - Mortgage Broker

Onto our 2nd development together.

Dr Steven Thou - Obstetrician 

Made a 42% ROI

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Project Management

This project is under the guidance of seasoned experts who possess more than four decades of experience in developing commercial and residential properties valued at hundreds of millions of dollars.


Founding Director

He was recently honored with admission into Australia's highest level of accreditation for property professionals, known as the Qualified Property Investment Advisor (QPIA). What's even more remarkable is that he is among a select few individuals who have earned the prestigious postnominals (QPIA) based on his industry experience and contributions, rather than through traditional study methods.

Michael daley

Project Manager

Michael Daley started his career in 2001 managing a mixed portfolio of Brisbane and regional assets across Queensland. His expertise ranges from Retail, Office and Industrial and with over 20 years of experience in looking after everything from $250,000 strata sheds to $100million dollar office towers.

While working in Agency, Michael was a critical part of his family’s construction and development company where they delivered 50+ Industrial projects and 3 Self Storage complexes.

Michael’s experience encompasses the total life cycle of a property, from acquisition, planning, development, leasing / sales to management.

Michael lives for property and seeks to find value add opportunity in every situation that comes up. With attention to detail and an ongoing drive for success, he brings an energy to management that is unique.