Wayne Slager

Wayne Slager

Wayne has a long history in banking and finance. After 18 years working for Westpac, he decided to start his own finance broking business (Your Loan Adviser) on the Sunshine Coast in 1994.

Wayne always has the client as the central focus in everything he has does and as such Your Loan Adviser, was a fee for service business model. Not only was Your Loan Adviser one of only a handful of businesses in Australia that charged clients for advice, Wayne’s fee for advice concept was about 15 years ahead of the industry, with fee for service only now, becoming  popular amongst mortgage brokers.

Wayne has been nominated for numerous business and service awards and was twice awarded the best small business service in regional business. He brings a great depth of knowledge and experience to the Real Property Advice team.

Wayne’s role as Strategic Relations, means that he is constantly engaging with industry partners and exceeding their expectations and as such is extremely valued by all our Professional Industry Partners . One chat with Wayne will leave no doubt in your mind as to what motivates him every day. His skill in communication and dedication to following up on clients and partners needs, sets him apart in an industry more focused on dollars than it is on people.

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