Purchase Strategy and Advice

(includes portfolio review and property investment planning)

Our Strategy and Advice service takes you through a process to refine your current property holdings and give you direction for your next property steps. At the end of our time together, you will have an understanding of what your current property position is, what your property related financial needs and goals are, and what actions you are looking to take for your next property purchase or divestment.

  1. Review of existing properties market values (CMA)
  2. Compilation of income and expense data on existing properties to give a portfolio snap shot
  3. Meetings (face to face or via teleconference) to discuss current portfolio, future desires and property financial needs.
  4. Discussion of ‘real life’ example properties for your consideration of styles and returns in the current market, located in areas identified that may meet your goals and needs
  5. A written documentation of our meetings, financial snap shots and example properties as well as options for you to move forward with your next purchase. (Property Investment Plan)
  6. Integration of your newly designed Property Investment Plan, with your financial plan and financial planner.
  7. Strategies to assist you in your negotiation and property purchasing including the ‘Purchase Tool Kit’

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