Pre-purchase Investigation

(includes Purchase Tool Kit)

Our pre-purchase inspection package is great for first time buyers or anyone who wants to be fully informed before they buy their next property.

This service includes:

  1. Background historical sales and ownership data on up to 3 properties (this means you can know what someone paid for the property and what other properties sold for in the street so you offer the right price)
  2. An audio CD by a successful QLD lawyer on negotiation tips and techniques. This will make you a pro negotiator by taking you through 25 effective ways to enhance your negotiating ability!
  3. ‘Letter of offer’ forms so your offer is presented unemotionally and you remain un-pressured by the sales agent
  4. Phone support with our office prior to presenting an offer and during the offer process, so at all times you are fully supported and coached by a professional negotiator
  5. A detailed check list that outlines the tasks and key dates, that need to be completed by you after a contract is signed. This is so you don’t get ‘lost’ in the excitement of the deal and keeps you on the front foot in the buying process
  6. A contact database of key services names and numbers for any other professional services you need and might not already have

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