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Since 2004 We've Negotiated Hundred's Of Properties BELOW MARKET PRICE. We make buying your property simple & stress free. We manage the entire process and... provide you opportunities the general public never gets access to.

Experts In The Brisbane Property Market

We know Brisbane, we have bought, sold and negotiated properties at great prices all across Brisbane. How? Because we know the history, trends and profiles of all suburbs across Brisbane.

We’ve Got Experience

Not just experience but proven success in helping our clients make the buying process simple & stress free – without getting exploited by real estate agents.

You Get Personalised Service

We like to meet, get to know and understand our clients needs first hand. We’ll  set aside time to meet you in person, discuss your needs and come up with a custom plan for your situation.

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I purchased a fantastic property within my budget and had it rented within 5 days of settlement, at a great price.

Tony, Perth

The whole Property Advice concept was a breath of fresh air. I told them what I thought I wanted and they shortlisted some properties and then negotiated on the one I selected.
What could be simpler than that? A good experience all round.

Jason, Brisbane

Our Services Include:

Search to Settlement

We can be your advocates from the very start of the property buying process all the way through to settlement. We take the stress out of the process by taking care of the research and fine details to help you find what you are looking for with the best possible outcome.

Appraisals & Negotiation

If you’ve already found the property you are looking for, we can go in and do the research to make sure it’s worth your time and money.  We analyse things like similar sales in the area, zoning and surveying, the reason for sale and the market conditions.  We are also experienced and tough negotiators; skilled at getting our client’s properties at the best price and terms.

Auction Bidding Services

Tired of missing out at auction, or don’t have the time or desire to be there yourself?  Auctions can be high pressure environments, but we are experts with skills and tactics to know when and how to bid. We can stand in for you at auction and take care of the bidding process – or go with you as your consultant.

Who Are Our Services For?
First Home Buyers

Buying your first property can be a nerve-wracking experience.  It is a big financial and emotional step that can often be overwhelming.  As your advocate, we make the process easy for you, lightening the load and simplifying the process.  We know what to look for, who to talk to and the right questions to ask about each property to make sure your first home purchase is the right one.

Even if you’ve purchased a home before, the process of finding and purchasing a new home can still be stressful.  You also probably have a better idea of what you are looking for in your new home after having some experience.  We are passionate about making things easy for our buyers, matching people to properties and helping them find exactly what they are looking for.

New Home Buyers

Investing in property is always a smart choice, and we help you find the best option for your portfolio.  Particularly if you are not from the area, our skills and experience will make it easier for you to find what you are looking for and make the process simple.  We can be onsite and attend multiple open homes for you, saving you time and travel.

Our 6 Step Process To Successfully
Buying Your Property
  • 1. Meet & Strategise

    The very first thing we do is to have a discussion with you about your situation and what you are looking for. We make a list of specific things you are looking for like property features, prices and locations to make sure we don’t waste your time on options you won’t be interested in. We can also give you an overview of how the process works, current market trends and local insights so you know what to expect.

  • 2. Finding the properties

    After our discussion we research potential properties that might fit your brief and begin the process of finding what you are looking for. We look through all the properties on the market and can even find potential off-market properties that may be available.

  • 3. Inspect & Evaluate

    We go to the properties that have potential and evaluate if they are what you are looking for. We do the due diligence to make sure the property is worth your time. That includes building and pest inspections, and analysing things like similar sales in the area, the vendors reason for selling, future growth potential and the market’s current property cycle to establish if they are a good investment for you.

  • 4. Short Listing

    After we have done our inspections and research, we present you with a short list of options. You may choose to inspect these yourself or you may be happy to look through our list and presentation.  You then get to make the exciting decision of which property most interests you for us to go after.

  • 5. Negotiate

    We then use our experience and skills to negotiate with the seller or their agent to get you the best price and terms. If it is an auction we can go and bid for you as your advocate, or we can submit tenders and expressions of interest on properties that aren’t listed on the market.

  • 6. Buy

    We go beyond just finding you the property and negotiating the terms; we see you through to the end of settlement. We can help you find and coordinate the details with professionals like your solicitor and finance provider. Our industry experience means we can help you understand the process and details from the very first step right through to settlement.

Meet Your Team of Buyers Agents

Wayne has a long history in banking and finance. After 18 years working for Westpac, he decided to start his own finance broking business (Your Loan Adviser) on the Sunshine Coast in 1994….



Wayne Slager

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With a Business Management and Accounting background, coupled with a love of all things property, Jason brings a unique mix of experience to the table that is hard to find.





Jason Walvin

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7 Reasons To Hire A Buyers Agent?
(And Why Real Estate Agents Can't Be Trusted)
  1. We are on your side.
    We are YOUR advocate and only interested in getting you the property you are looking for for the best possible price. Unlike a real estate agent, we are not representing the seller and trying to look after them too. You are our only priority.
  2. We have local insight.
    We are experts on what’s happening in our local market. We know all the opportunities that are available in our area, unlike a realestate agent that has only their listed properties to show you.
  3. We have experience.
    Our experience will help you and make things easy, no matter if it is your first home or another property on your big investment portfolio. Property is what we do week in and week out. Our experienced research, negotiation and auction skills will help you find and secure the property you want at the best price.
  4. We can be on location
    We can save you the time, expense and travel involved with visiting open homes – especially if you are buying interstate. We go as your representative meaning you don’t have to take time out of your schedule to be present.
  5. We save you time and stress.
    Everything we do is to make the property buying experience easy for you. Real-estate agents are chasing a sale for you AND a seller, but we are only interested in showing you the properties that actually fit your brief. We don’t waste your time on options for the sake of trying to move a property.
  6. We are big picture thinkers.
    We are 100% committed to getting you your property, but at the same time we aren’t emotionally invested in the process. It is easy to fall in love with a house and be blind to other important considerations. We can help steer you away from impulsive or emotional decisions that aren’t in your best interest, and help you see all the threats and opportunities a property has.
  7. We have a trusted network.
    When we become your advocate, you don’t just get us – but an entire network of trusted professionals. We can recommend solicitors, building inspectors, property managers and more that we know, have worked with and trust.
Frequently Asked Questions
addWhat is a Buyers agent or advocate?
addWho are buyers Agents For?
addWho Pays What?
addWhat Are Your Fees?
What is a Buyers agent or advocate?

A buyer’s advocate is a property expert that will help you find and buy a home or property. We help you navigate the real-estate process, saving you time and money along the way.  Unlike realestate agents whose duty is to the seller, we are on your side as professional guides to finding and negotiating your new property.

Who are buyers Agents For?

Buyer’s agents are for everyone looking to purchase a property.  Whether it’s your first home, first investment property, or another for your big portfolio, our expert advice and assistance can help you.

Who Pays What?

The only money we receive is from our clients.  This is a big part of what sets us apart from real-estate agents who gets paid by the selling party.  As your agent, our only interest and financial ties are with you. We are legally bound to represent only our clients and do not receive income from anywhere else.

What Are Your Fees?

Our fees vary depending on the size and type of property and the level of involvement necessary. Some people want us to take over the entire buying process while others prefer to be more involved, so every situation is different.  We can give you a quote or estimate once we know more about what you are looking for – so give us a call and get in contact with us!

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